South America: Peru, Puerto Maldonaldo – Amazon Adventure

We’re ready for our Amazon adventure! My main reason for taking this trip was to see the Amazon basin due to a novel I’m working on.  So I’m excited to be here.

Yesterday was a long day and an interesting night.

Our awesome guide, Jaime!

After our flight from Lima, we arrived at Puerto Maldonaldo airport to be received by our guide for the trip – Jaime. From the very first moment, he had us laughing and enjoying our time.

Our Amazon Adventure with Rainforest Expeditions

We took a bus ride to the Rainforest Expeditions headquarters where we slimmed down our packs – only taking what we would need for the four day/three night stay.

Be in the Know:  Being prepared ahead of time to downsize will help the stopover go faster. Using one of my large stuff sacks, I put everything in it I knew I wouldn’t need. Such as soaps, food, etc. (You have to use their biodegradable soap, and they feed you while you are there.)

A shiny beetle checking out our room

From there it was more bus riding to get to the river, then an hour on the river. Already we’ve seen a snake, dark and gray, crossing our path just as we exited the boat on our walk to the Posadas Amazonas lodge. I can’t wait to see more!

Arrived at Posadas Amazonas

We’ve had a safety briefing, a wonderful dinner, and met our fellow group for the duration.

Meanwhile, last night I had monkeys on the brain. I woke to see a shadow pass in front of the dim lamplight from the hall and called out to Rebecca. “Monkey, I see a monkey.”

She answered me from her bed, “Just now?”

“Yeah, it passed in front of the lamp.”

“That was me, I just came back from the bathroom.” Then peels of laughter from her, and I couldn’t help joining in.

Our awesome room!

Ah well, maybe I’ll see a real monkey soon!

Reason for coming to Peru? 

Have I mentioned I’m here to research for my fictional novel? It’s about a group of travelers stuck on the Amazon and have to make it back on foot. Being here has already given me some great ideas! (Update, that novel was published! Toy of the Gods is available on Amazon.) 

Well, on to our next day of Amazon adventure.

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