Unique Gifts for Mom

I know so many great products that I had to share a quick list of nine gifts for mom. Most (7) can be ordered from the comfort of home, two are local to Albuquerque. Also, consider nabbing something for yourself for all your hard work and research.

Handmade Gifts for Mom

1.     Order A handmade pen from Ornatelier – I can tell you that if your mom likes to write, she’ll probably love a handmade pen. I own two pens from Holly and she does beautiful work with wood and acrylic!

Handcrafted pen

2.   A handmade mug from Laken Correa‘s Etsy shop – My favorite mug is my unicorn mug that Laken made, but she also has these beautiful crystal mugs. My mug brings a smile to my face every time I have my morning coffee. 

Mugs by Laken

3.    Handmade outdoor art or jewelry from Vicki Bolen of LIttle Bird de Papel from her Etsy shop. Vicki makes beautiful origami cranes with handpainted durable, foldable plastic.  

Handpainted and handfolded cranes

Literary Gifts for Mom

4.  Books from local Albuquerque authors. Consider purchasing books from local authors direct from Amazon. Here are some suggestions: 
Leesea’s Destiny – a paranormal romance by Trinity Tarrow
Meg goes to America – historical fiction by Katy Hamel

5.  Stories to buy written by local Albuquerque authors for your mom’s Kindle (ie. they are only available electronically):
The Last Fish in the Fountain – Short story by Katy Hammel
Alma de Santa Fe – Short story by Elisabeth Loya
The 5 Minute Author: How to write a novelnon-fiction book by Sonja Dewing (ie. me)

From left: Authors Sonja Dewing, Trinity Tarrow, and Katy Hammel

Health and Beauty Gifts for Mom

6.   Color changing lipstick from Blush and Whimsy‘s online store. I love this lipstick! It goes on smooth like chapstick and gives just a little color. I’ve even done a little video to show it working and you can order by 12/20 for rush Christmas delivery!  FYI: If you use this link to purchase, Blush and Whimsy will know I helped them make a sell. 

7.   Order paper soap from Kind Lather‘s online store. If your mom loves the outdoors, this unique gift will be perfect! It’s a lightweight alternative to carrying wipes or soaps while backpacking or camping, and it’s environmentally safe. A tiny piece of paper, an even tinier bit of water and you have clean hands.

Activities to Keep Mom Entertained in Albuquerque

8.   A gift certificate to Dovetail Community Workshop. If you’re in Albuquerque consider getting your mom a gift certificate so she can have fun with woodworking skills like making a cutting board or other fun projects.  If you’re not in Albuquerque- check out your local workshop or makerspace.

Making a cutting board

9.   A gift certificate to Meltdown Studios. This Albuquerque studio teaches how to make jewelry using metalsmithing and other techniques.

Rings from Meltdown Studio

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