Seattle, Washington to White Sands – Never miss out on an opportunity

Back in January, I had the opportunity to go to Seattle, WA and drop in on the CreativeLive Writing Week classes. I went to learn something new and maybe make connections with other writers. As it turned out, I made the best connection of all, an amazing photographer.

Seattle in January

Me in Seattle
Me in Seattle

I arrived at Seattle, WA airport and hopped on the Link Lightrail to downtown, then jumped out at my stop for the American Hotel, a hostel. It’s a large hostel in a not so perfect part of town, but it was inexpensive, near the train station and right in the middle of china town. (Yum Chinese food!)


It works out that I’m not only cheap, I love walking new towns to get to know them. It’s a perfect combination.

So, I walked to the Creative Live studios, which were across town. There are a lot of interesting sites along the way. In the morning I didn’t really stop, but after class, I had plenty of time to see the sights.


During my time there I visited Pike’s Place Market, The needle, was awed at some of the cool buildings, wandered through the interesting library, and caught a photo of a gorgeous dress.

Writing Week 2018

I learned so much at the CreativeLive Writing Week 2018

For example, I was so sure I had the perfect name for a nonfiction I’m working on. “Feed Your Creative Writer” – a how-to on creative activities for creative writers. When I shared the name with Jennie Nash during her class, she gave me a weird look and questioned my idea. Was I sad? Sure! But it’s one of those times that you have to be willing to be coachable and realize that what you thought was perfect could actually be total crap. I’m okay with that and I’m coming up with a better name.

While at class during the week, I was happy to talk and get connected with other writers. Among them was Lynn. She invited Lyria and me to Whole Foods and to have dinner at her place. Yes!

That night Lynn regaled us with her poetry, an ode to David Bowie and Lyria talked about her plans of coming to New Mexico and photographing at White Sands.

We had a nice time getting to know each other!

Photos in White Sands

In July, I heard from Lyria that she was planning on coming out to White Sands and that I was welcome to come out to assist and model.

The nice thing about being a business owner and freelance writer is I can take my work with me and I only answer to me. So, that Sunday I took the road trip to White Sands. 

The first couple of hours out on the sand was kind of a bust. The wind was whipping so hard that I couldn’t keep my balance on the sand. Then we waited out the storm. It didn’t go away, but it did lighten up a bit which allowed Lyria to get some great shots, like the feature photo below.

Photo by Lyria Garcia Photography
Photo by Lyria Garcia Photography

It was such an honor to be her subject! If you are ever looking to hire someone for destination photography, look her up!

And if you haven’t figured it out, what I’m saying here is don’t miss out on a great opportunity! Be adventurous! Have fun! Walk up sand dunes with the wind in your face! Now, get out there and enjoy life

I’m Sonja Dewing. I’m published author of  Toy of the Gods and other stories available on Amazon and I’m always seeking adventure. I’m a Social Media Manager and consult with writers on creativity and social media..

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