Central America: Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo

I’m so glad we’re at the beach again in Costa Rica!

I took this one with my Iphone from one
of the many shuttles we’ve taken –
 this is how beautiful the Costa Rica
countryside can be.

We caught a shuttle to Puerto Viejo. I was kind of jealous of a fellow American because he barely spoke Spanish, but he kept the driver in conversation almost the whole way. By listening I picked up a few new words, and I was even able to laugh at a joke.

Another bad Hostel Experience

We finally reach Puerto Viejo and check into Sunrise Puerto Viejo Hostel. Our friend Guillaume had made the reservations for us sight unseen. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of those bad hostels. Dirty, the showers are along the hallway, which wouldn’t be bad if they didn’t have huge windows with no glass or curtains.

Ever try to take a shower and get dressed while trying not to stand over three feet? Let’s just say it was interesting, but also part of the adventure.

Then, at night a group of guys gathered in the hallway and spent the whole night drinking, laughing and yelling. So, it’s great to find hostels that have specific quiet hours, as well as enforce them so everyone can get some sleep.

This morning we walked around Puerto Viejo, we do like the town and the beach here so we’ll just look for another hostel tomorrow.

Next Day, On to another hostel


The water along the beach in Puerto Viejo is clear
enough to see the colorful fish

This morning Rebecca and I took our time packing – we checked out of the hostel just in time for check out, but without any plan.

Some important things I learned today:

1.  When you check out of your hostel early because it’s a dump, wander the streets in the hot sun looking confused and sad, and you are two women, someone is going to come along and offer you a free taxi ride to a hostel down the street.  So for tonight, we’ve moved to the Rocking Js Hostel. (Maybe this won’t always work, but it did today).

2. I might have packed too heavy because every time a taxi driver lifts my backpack he grunts or says ‘whoa’!

Time to start lightening my load

Because of #2 above, I’m going to try and start getting rid of things at each stop, those items that I don’t really need. I’m also hoping that this will appease the traveling gods because so far I’ve lost things at almost every stop. That includes my good Swiss army knife – darn it!

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