Central America: Costa Rica, Best Hostel in Puerto Viejo!

We found the best hostel in Puerto Viejo today.

I don’t want people to think that all hostels are bad, in fact I’ve stayed in some really great hostels.  But the Rocking J’s  isn’t one of them. (Although I did really appreciate the free taxi ride the day before).

One Crazy Night

One problem was that in the middle of the night I awoke because the winds had shifted. They brought with them the overwhelming stench of garbage. I spent a good amount of time with my nose under the sheet, trying to breathe. The smell didn’t wake Rebecca, but she dreamt that she really needed a shower.

Not getting much sleep – but at least there is a
beautiful beach

The other problem, not necessarily a problem of the hostel itself – let’s start with me walking into the co-ed bunk room last night and the guy in the bunk under mine says in his best sexy voice with his German accent “Oh, good timing. What are you doing tonight, babe?”

Really, women go for that? Not this one! I went back out to the common area to do some reading. Someone did fall for it though because sometime after I went back to my bunk and went to sleep and before the garbage smell, the bunks started to shake at a steady and somewhat faster and faster rhythm. He had a lovely blonde in his bed when I climbed down from my bunk the next morning. I just shook my head and kept moving.

Be in the Know: Often in the hostels, you’ll have a locker. I bought a nice, heavy duty lock with me that has only fit about 1/2 of the lockers. So, if you bring a lock, make it a nice thin one so it will more often fit lockers.

A Great Hostel – Always good to get recommendations!

Common area at Cabinas y Hostal Yucca

So, needless to say we moved again – but this time I contacted a friend through Facebook for a recommendation. Why didn’t I do that sooner! The best hostel in Puerto Viejo is Cabinas y Hostal Yucca!

There is a nice community kitchen and a great common area. Plus, they are right on the beach. If you like a cabin, they have a few of those as well.

There is something we have learned – Rebecca and I hate moving every day. It’s all that packing!

And now, it’s time to appease the travel gods, I’ve gotten rid of my sporty green jacket. I’ve only worn it once – on the airplane from Colorado. Hope someone enjoys it.

Kitchen at Cabinas y Hostal Yucca

Puerto Viejo is a very nice town

Did I mention I like the town? It’s lovely here. Not too commercial. The beach here isn’t great for swimming but it’s great for catching some sun. And the owner at our current, ie. best hostel in Puerto Viejo, is really sweet.

The sad thing is all the dogs that run loose through the town. One came up to me at the beach today. I’m sure he was once someone’s pet, he so desperately wanted me to pet him. Then later at dinner, he found me at a restaurant. I couldn’t help but give him a little food while Rebecca gave me “a look” because she thinks I need to ignore him. I wish I could take them all home with me.

Tomorrow we head to Panama. Ugg! We have to pack up again.

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