Traveling Adventure in San Jose, Costa Rica

Rebecca and I arrived this morning in San Jose, Costa Rica. Somehow it already feels like we are experts here because we feel so comfortable, except for our Spanish.We did it! We’re in another country on an adventure and so far it’s pretty awesome. I know, it’s just day one, but I’m so excited!

Hostel is Situated in a good location

Our driver, Carlos, took us to the Hostel Casa Del Parque and we’ve been on the go since. We left from Albuquerque, NM, USA late yesterday and now we are trying to stay awake until nightfall.  Rebecca has just succumbed, but we did have an overnight flight and sleeping was difficult on the plane.

San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

We’ve gotten our yellow fever shot (required since we will be going to the Amazon in Peru)- after wandering around to the wrong clinics. We’ve also walked quite a bit of the shopping area, and picked up some groceries for tonight’s dinner.So far this morning we’ve had a great breakfast of rice, beans, eggs, and bacon and of course, coffee. I should add that we walked around until I could find a place I approved of – I wanted somewhere quiet to enjoy our meal and we did find just that.

Meeting New People

I really like staying at hostels for the fact that you meet so many new people who are also finding their way through the country. Many have been where we are going or can suggest other places for us to explore.

Be in the Know: Hostels don’t just rent beds, some also have separate rooms available at cheaper rates then hotels. A great savings plus access to a kitchen is a bonus.
We went to sushi (I don’t actually eat sushi, but I figured I could find something else on the menu). Joshua went through his tea ceremony, his way to meditate and it was very nice being a part of his process. I ordered something on the menu without knowing what it was. Turned out to be vanilla ice cream with tempura fried bananas. Yum!Now that evening has arrived, we are going out with Joshua, a young man we met here at the hostel, for dinner and he’s making us some tea.

Consider Your Sleeping Options


Checking out a park near the hostel

Checking out a park near the hostel

The Hostel Casa Del Parque is pleasant but don’t stay in the dorms here if you are a light sleeper (they do have a private room).  The bunk room is huge, and it gets pretty cold at night. However, it has a lovely courtyard, host, and it’s in a good location – close to shopping, groceries, etc. Plus, I liked the fact that for our first jump into Costa Rica that the Hostel offers a driver, Carlos, to come pick you up at the airport.  For a fee of course, but I thought it was well worth the price.

The whole inspiration for this trip was to work on and edit my novel set in the Amazon (the Amazon part of the trip is coming up!). And my novel is now on sale through Publishizer! You can check it out here:


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