San Jose, Costa Rica

Timing might just become a problem for us.

IMG_0200We had a late start today. I was up and ready by nine, however, it took Rebecca a couple of hours to catch up. Luckily I do have a book to read – Turn Right at Machu Picchu, in preparation for our trip to Peru (where we will visit many of the ruins and the Amazon basin).

Once we did get moving, we had to search for the office that would give us proof we had our yellow fever shots (FYI:  We’re going through this because it’s much cheaper to get our shots in Costa Rica than in the States – We did get a host of other shots already in preparation for the Amazon. If you try this, make sure you do your research on the best health care location in the city so you know you are getting the shot.)

Be in the know: I went to my personal doctor who said she could tell me what shots I needed, and her website even says “Traveling? Come see us, we can help.” Each time I had any questions she disappeared from the office, then eventually returned with vague answers (I assume she was searching the internet). She only suggested one shot, and it turned out the shots they had in stock were out of date. I then went to a travel clinic. They knew exactly what I needed (definitely more than one shot). So, see a travel clinic as soon as you know you’ll be traveling!

Spanish Lessons Would be Helpful

Here we are in a sea of Spanish speaking people, with our limited Spanish and trying to figure out what we’re doing. A woman behind a desk instructs us to fill out the proof of shot forms (in Spanish), and is very brisk with us. I think it’s because she sits behind a desk all day. But we get through the process and now we have our proof of shots so we can get back into Costa Rica from the Amazon. (Update: During this whole trip no one ever asked to see our immunizations, I am glad I got them though. I was healthy throughout the whole trip and came home without a problem.)

Things to See in San Jose


jade musuem

Jade Museum

We moved on to the Central Market for lunch at a soda (restaurant that is basically a stall with seats around a bar). We searched for a specific one that had been recommended, but the market is huge and there are so many sodas to choose from.

We finally just picked one. Our neighbor on the bar stools helped with a little translating. Once again, we wished we had learned more Spanish before we came! From there we went to visit the Jade Museum, there are many other artifacts besides jade and the pre-Inca information is very helpful as I’m researching for my novel.

The food was good. I would highly recommend coming here and checking it out. There are so many vendors here selling everything from piggy banks to shoes that you are likely to find either something you might need or something you have to have.

Be In the Know: Be ready to figure out your currency! I wasn’t and on our way out I got fleeced by a vendor. I’m not used to the money here yet and I paid 5,000 colones for a pair of flip flops (that’s about $10).

San Jose is Interesting, But it’s Time to Move On

San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica

We walked a lot for the rest of the day, checking out side streets and many of the beautiful areas of the city. Most everywhere we’ve been so far felt very safe.

We went back to the hostel and talked to people about how to make our way to our next destination, Montezuma. Then we made a makeshift dinner of sandwiches from frozen fish cooked in the toaster oven, grilled bread, some tomatoes, and lettuce. It was actually really good.

Then we had some wine and a great conversation with the hostel owner of Hostel Casa Del Parque. He’s saved up his money to take acting lessons in LA and he hopes to make it big.

We wish him luck!

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The whole inspiration for this trip was to work on and edit my novel set in the Amazon (the Amazon part of the trip is coming up!). And my novel is now on sale through Publishizer! You can check it out here:


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