Toy of the Gods (Idol Makers #1)

Toy of the Gods

Toy Of The Gods is a story of one woman’s heroism, and how a group of strangers band together and attempt to survive an impossible journey with plenty of action, sex, thrills, and fun.

When an Inca god strands a group of tourists in the Amazon, former adventurer Leslie Kicklighter must lead the group of tourists to safety, or face the ultimate consequences. They’ll have to get past armed bandits hired to kill them, angry villagers who think they are out for their land, a banana plantation owner with a secret to keep and even drunken monkeys — all while hoping the god doesn’t want any more from them. 

Five Star Review from Readers’ Favorite

“This story has the charm, the humor, and the thrills that readers will love…Set in the vividly described Peruvian jungle, the story introduces a diverse set of characters. ” – raves Lit Amri from Readers’ Favorite. See full review.

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