South America: Peru at Posadas Amazonas Massage and Cuzco

Last night was a great night for sleeping with no monkey sightings this time at Posadas Amazonas. I wonder, will I be able to sleep without the constant sound of the jungle as a backdrop?

Best picture of a monkey I got – at least we know it’s a
real one!
I really don’t want to leave Posadas Amazonas. There are so many more animals I’d like to see, but today is our travel day to our next location.

Our Temporary Tattoos

My tat is the one on the left – butterfly; Rebecca’s hands
were stained with the ink.

Our guide had some fun putting on temporary tattoos in celebration of carnival last night. He used the seeds of a fruit that at first didn’t show any color until this morning. Rebecca’s totally getting a kick out of people staring at her hands and doing double takes. My simple temporary tat that he drew, a butterfly, is a little messy but I love it. These mementos will only last about a week and we’ll be back to normal soon.


A relaxing massage and we’re on our way

This morning Rebecca and I splurged on massages at Posadas Amazonas. After all these weeks of lugging backpacks, it felt great! 
For this stop, to appease the travel gods (i.e. keep my things from disappearing), I’ve thrown out a hat. It was a nice leather hat that I thought would be good to take, but it’s squished beyond recognition and all the humidity has made it even worse. From now on I’ll pack normal baseball caps or boonie hats.
I wasn’t willing to put my hand that close to the bullet
ant – that was a fellow traveler!
And I learned about a bullet ant, so called because its bite is said to be as painful as a bullet wound and the poison will stay in your system for 24 hours. Ouch!
Be in the Know:  Make sure to bring plenty of cash to the Amazon Lodges if you want alcoholic beverages, gift shop items, add-ons like massages, or a tip for your guide.

The ecopackers plaza

Onto Cuzco, Peru

After the boat ride, bus ride, then the airplane, we arrived safely in Cuzco, Peru and found a reasonable taxi. He knew exactly where our hostel was, ecopackers, which is good because he received a phone call during the ride that spurred him on. We went from a nice, relaxing ride to suddenly being in an Indy car race. Nothing like seeing the streets of Cuzco at a breakneck pace!

Our shared dorm room

Safely checked in, we opened our bags and had a bit of a shock. I knew it was very humid in the Amazon, but we didn’t expect every piece of clothing to be soaking with humidity, kind of like they had sat in a sauna for a few hours. All our clothes had to go straight to the laundry!

Rebecca’s coming down with a cold, so we just went to a little pizza and pasta place for a terrible dinner, then it was on to sleep.
Tomorrow we’ll figure out how we’ll get to Machu Picchu.

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