South America: Posada Amazonas – Piranha, Macaws and Monkeys

Wow, what an amazing day it’s been at Posada Amazonas. 


The yellow-bellied piranha
We were up early for breakfast and then headed to the oxbow lake for a slow trip around the perimeter. On our walk to the lake, a troop of squirrel monkeys passed overhead.

Oxbow Lake Trip

Around the lake, we saw a capped head heron, a group of hoatzins (amazing looking birds), and some hummingbirds. Then we fished for yellow-bellied piranha. I was annoyed with myself though. I had decided not to bring my regular camera, and although the hoatzins were super cool, there was no way I could capture a good picture with my phone. Ugh!
However, it was still an amazing morning – all that was just before lunch!

The quiet movement of monkeys

The interesting thing about this eco-resort is that there are no walls around the lobby. The frame of the building is in dark wood. And instead of couches, there are hammocks. After lunch I was hanging out in one of the hammocks, quietly reading, when I noticed movement above me. A group of small, black monkeys were quietly making their way through the lodge.  Only three people were there to see them as everyone else was resting in their rooms.
An interesting bug hanging around the lodge


The monkeys were so quiet! They were climbing down from the trees, into the rafters in the lodge. Then as they exited the other side they went back up into the trees. A truly adorable and awesome sight. I had my good camera with me, but I didn’t even try to take a picture. I didn’t want to scare the monkeys or ruin the quiet moment.

The Gorgeous Macaws

The macaws at the clay lick
After our break, we went on to see the Macaw clay lick. I loved seeing them but wished I had a larger lens for my nice camera to get good photos. Not really a possibility with all the things Rebecca and I have to carry from country to country. The theme today seems to be about capturing moments. 

Kayaking on the Tambopata

Then it was on to kayaking. I had requested to add this to our schedule as I wanted more physical activity. To get to the kayaks we had to make our way through some deep mud, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.
While kayaking I would dip my paddle in the water on one side, then switch. Each time a torrent of water would flow off of the paddle and land in my lap. I tried everything to keep it from happening, but nothing seemed to work. When we arrived at our destination, the local gardens/healing center, our guide was completely dry and seemed amused by Rebecca and my soaked experience.  Someday, maybe I’ll find the secret.
A grasshopper checking out the walkway

Everything I’ve eaten at Posada Amazonas is great!

At the Centro Nape, we were given a tour of what the healing center grows for traditional medicines or for those people who cannot afford to go to town for medicine. We sampled an interesting leaf. I won’t spoil the surprise, but it was definitely an experience.
At the end, we sampled the healing center’s elixirs, all of which are mixed with an alcohol – so good thing we weren’t kayaking back!
Be in the Know: Bring cash if you would like to purchase any of the elixirs or donate to the Centro Nape fund! They don’t take cards.

Dinner tonight at the Posada Amazonas was a host of good things, but the one thing that stood out for me was the celery soup. It was so light and delicious!

One of the plants in the healing center’s garden


I’m so glad I came here to research for my novel. So far it’s been enriching and if you want an Amazon experience in comfort, I’d say this is it. 

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