Social Media Consulting

Sonja Dewing at One Million Cups
Sonja Dewing at One Million Cups

I love social media and social media consulting!

I help companies, individuals, and authors build their brand awareness. I consult with you to target your key audience on the right social media platform and I can give you a plan to grow organically. And, you can’t really grow without an email marketing campaign, so I help with those too!

You Have Choices for Social Media Help

  • Weekly Social Media How To Emails – $4.95 a month
  • Consultation about your business – $75/hour
  • Class on social media for your group – $150/hour

Weekly Social Media How-To Emails

Receive an email every Monday morning with your to-do list for the specific social media channel or email marketing. $4.95 a month. Select your specific social media choice below and let’s get started.

Social Media Option

Consultation about Your Social Media

I’m happy to help you out one-on-one to get you started or growing on your social media platforms.

For Example, I consulted with Kendra Loring of Enchanted Equine Adventures. I got her started on Facebook, gave her tips and a plan to use the platform. Within 6 months she had connected to a new target audience and almost doubled her revenue. 

I have experience and knowledge in growing an audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email marketing.

If you want a consultation with me, schedule it today – I offer one-hour consultation times at $75 each – you will be billed for 2 hours as I reasearch your accounts for an hour and then talk with you about a plan you can use. You will be billed after our consultation and all payments are due on receipt of invoice.

Or, Save by purchasing my $250 package that includes:

  • 1 hour of preparation and research on my part
  • 1 hour sit down to review best practices with that social media channel(s) and in relation to their work and target market, and map out steps for you to accomplish
  • They will receive a checklist, best practices, and plan for their social media
  • Two weeks later a 1 hour one-on-one to review analytics, teach analytics, see how they are doing and give them feedback on future posts
  • Two weeks later a 30 min follow up over the phone to review and answer any questions

Social Media Classes For Your Group

Need something different than a schedule and plan for your social media? Maybe you have a group that needs some questions answered in an instructor-led classroom.


What My Clients Say About Me

“Sonja Dewing manages all of the social media marketing for FatPipe ABQ, FatPipe Rio Rancho and The BioScience Center. Not only does she stay engaged with daily happenings at each location to best feature us in action and real time on social media, she has great ideas about ongoing member engagement and highlighting all of the great things happening at our centers and with our members. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sonja and look forward to a long partnership going forward.”

Lisa Adkins, COO FatPipe ABQ

“I enjoy working with Sonja because she is uber creative…examples pictures, videos, content.
She easily sees potential in my activities and art and personality and goes beyond what is contractually obligated to do. I would recommend Sonja to any other creative people who want to enhance their social media.”

Vicki Bolen, Owner Little Bird de Papel

“Blog posts written by Sonja have been a great driver of people to our site. As we’d get question on how to use our app products the answers turned into well written blog posts that we could reference people to if they had similar issues.
Well written technical concepts made easy to understand with easy to read prose. We’ve been very happy with Sonja’s contributions!”

Andy Berry, Owner Berry Wing
I was nominated for this award
Teaching at Kickass at Social Media class

Looking for a Social Media Manager?

I don’t have space to take on any new clients right now, but here’s a list of trusted social media managers who would be happy to work with you.

I’ve personally worked with and trust the following companies:


I’ve networked with the following companies but never worked with them (I hear they’re awesome!):