Shanghai: The Bund, the Pearl Tower, and Acrobatics

Not a Good Start

The day didn’t start out so great. I’m tired, cranky, and sitting on a bus with a guide who talks nonstop. I’m not sure I’ll ever take another tour like this again because of the feeling that I don’t have any choices.

I feel the urge to run off the bus, hands in the air and scream “I’m free”. But that would lead to the locals taking photos of the strange American and who knows where I’d end up. But I did pay for this, so I calmly sit in my bus seat and just imagine myself on a calm, warm beach.

The Pearl Tower

The Pearl up close

Our first stop was the Oriental Pearl Tower and I’ve done absolutely no research on what we’ll find here. I’ve been to towers before and being in my current mood I’m only slightly impressed with the tower itself.

We wait in line to go to the top and I like the view from the top. Overlooking all of Shanghai, it’s quite nice. Then we head down a level where the floor is see-through.

Me and the see-through floor

Now I’m slightly happier. Many people won’t go onto the see-through floor. Those of us brave enough to step out spend time trying to take a fun photo while looking straight down on the tall buildings below us.

My only photo I took in the arcade
because I was too busy having fun

Feeling slightly better, we head to another part of the building. My heart skips a beat when we walk into an arcade. I’m in heaven and I’m no longer thinking about escape. I walk up to a Pac Man game and don’t stop playing until Jim herds us to the next stop. Many of us don’t want to leave.

I reluctantly move on with everyone and longingly glance
back at Pac Man.

Next in the Pearl Tower is the wax museum.  Here in China, I’ve noticed that English signs are a bit off – someone could make a living going around and fixing all of the poorly translated signs, but then that would take out the fun of reading them. The museum is no different. I enjoyed it!

Note “It keeps your motor younc”
View of the Pearl Tower from The Bund

The Bund

From the Pearl, we set out to The Bund, a business district of Shanghai. Once a muddy waterfront, it’s now a beautiful river walk along the Huanpu River with imposing colonial buildings.

Our group was given time to wander a little, shop, and take in the views. Then it was back on the bus to head for the hotel.

Dinner and a Show

I’m not sure which was more of the show, the acrobats we saw, or the vegetarian group going ballistic over their meal that included meat (again). Not that we wanted that kind of show.

Road around Shanghai

They screamed so much at Jim that the group started feeling sorry for him. But I’m left thinking, why couldn’t Jim make sure that they had vegetarian dishes delivered to their table? It doesn’t seem like that difficult of a request to
me, and I feel for the vegetarians.

Taken from the bus to the hotel.
No clue what they sell, but I love
the giant ant.

I also have to say I’m getting tired of Chinese food. But then I’m one of those people who don’t like to eat the same thing every day. Rebecca is still completely happy eating the same type of food over and over. (Update: When we got home to Albuquerque, Rebecca wanted to go out to Chinese food. I refused for about two months.)

By the time we got to the Shanghai Acrobatics show, I’m
exhausted from the long day. I bought a fleece jacket with the acrobatics show’s name on it because I’m all dressed up and hadn’t brought a jacket with me.

Photo is from the Shanghai Acrobatics Show’s website

The show was exciting! Motorcycles zooming around (upside down and around) in a small globe on the stage makes for exciting entertainment, especially as they keep adding more motorcycles to the globe and they zoom around at high speeds.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s optional tour my friends and I purchased for seeing a couple of canal towns, Suzhou and Tongli. We’ll be visiting a silk factory in Suzhou and I know I have to buy some silk for my sister.

I no longer feel the urge to run amok, for now.

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