Episode 2 of Startup Spot with Sonja, I interview Paul Szauter, Chief Scientific Officer, and Lexie Palmer, CEO of Equiseq.

Hear about how their business is changing after researching their original direction.

The resources mentioned in the podcast include:

  • STC, a Tech transfer and patent assistance
  • ABQID, a startup accelerator.
  • Verge Building, a location with office space and conference rooms.
  • One Million Cups, a place for startups to present about their journey. Happens every Wednesday morning, 9am-10am at Fatpipe ABQ.
  • Fatpipe ABQ, a coworking space.

The first two minutes of the podcast go like this… 

Sonja: Welcome to Startup Spot with Sonja. I’m your host, recording from Fatpipe Coworking space here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So any noise you might hear in the background are entrepreneurs, startups and solopreneurs collaborating, which is the perfect location to interview Paul Szauter and Lexie Palmer of Equisec.

How about we start off by telling me a bit about yourselves?

Paul: OK. So I’m a recovering academic. My PhD is in genetics, that was a long time ago and in 2000 I engineered my mid-life crisis and transitioned to bioinformatics. So I have fifteen years experience in mammalian genomics and bioinformatics. Cutbacks in government funding forced me into the private sector and it’s been a really great ride since then.

Sonja: Why the mid-life crisis change?

Paul: Because it turned out to be pretty difficult to run a small genetics lab in an era where government sponsored research grants were shrinking. So I was a fruit fly geneticist doing basic research in a small lab. And even in that field the bigger labs got more grants because it was more sure that they could produce, right?

So it was hard to break out of being a small lab. I got a phone call on a Saturday night while I was washing disposable glassware for reuse, from a grad student who’d made a transition to bioinformatics and she said, “If you want to do this, do it now because their starting programs in this and then you’ll be competing with people who actually know what they’re doing.”

So, yeah, it was a great jump.

Sonja: So Lexie,, wait, Paul, you’re the CEO? Right?

Paul: Until November 1st.

Sonja: Really?

Paul: So I have two more days, three more days as CEO. And then I will be Chief Scientific Officer.

Sonja: OK. So who becomes CEO?

Paul: Lexie Palmer.

Lexie: I will be stepping up as CEO come November 1st so, yes.

Sonja: So, Lexie, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Lexie: Originally I’m from California. I’ve been a student at the University of New Mexico, I finish up in December.


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