Episode 1 of Startup Spot with Sonja, I interview Trish Terhar (also known as Trisha). She’s CEO of Close Threads out of Albuquerque, NM.

Hear about how her team has pivoted and used the lean method to grow their business.

The resources mentioned in the podcast include:

  • Fatpipe ABQ, a coworking space.
  • ABQID, a startup accelerator.
  • Women’s Startup Weekend, an idea generating activity.


The first two minutes of the podcast go like this… 

Sonja: Welcome to Startup Spot with Sonja. I’m your host, recording from Fatpipe ABQ, a coworking space. So any noise you might hear in the background are entrepreneurs, startups and solopreneurs collaborating, which is the perfect location to interview Trish Terhar of Close Threads.

Trish, tell me a little bit about you and Close Threads.

Trish: I’m from Seattle, Washington. I moved here to Albuquerque almost exactly a year ago. A year and a few months. I was in workforce development for a long time, in some unemployment centers just north of Seattle. An interesting pivot to entrepreneurship, but happy to have made it.

Company Close Threads, we are a technology company that enables small fashion retailers and designers to provide web-based personal styling services to their customers. So you can subscribe to one of those retailers and they’ll send you personalized look books and personalized fashion recommendations and we’ve integrated ecommerce functionalities so you can purchase any of the items that you receive in your look book online.

Sonja: Ok. So prior to this you didn’t really have any experience running a business, correct?

Trish: Uh no. I actually worked at ABQID, an accelerator here in town so I got to know a lot of the lean startup methodology tenants and learned quite a bit and I have a lot of operational experience from my days in workforce development. So I’m definitely comfortable with those aspects, but new to entrepreneurship.

Sonja: OK. When you talk about lean startup methodology, can you share maybe one or two points from that?

Trish: Yeah, so, what kind of historically Steve Blank and some of the founders of this methodology had seen over and over again…

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