The Plot Duckies Logo

I’m a creative writer and I love working on my adventure, mystery, and sci-fi novels (very focused on finding an agent for my adventure novel).

I also love helping writers. I started as a liaison for the National Novel in a Month a few years ago, and then I started a writer’s review group to help as many as I could continue with their writing projects. I hand out little rubber ducks as a bit of inspiration and call them Plot Duckies – hence the name for my new event company.

The evolution to events happened when I attended another, standard, boring writer’s conference. Sitting on my butt all weekend was kind of annoying. I didn’t get any real experience or knowledge from being there and as an instructor, I know that the best way to learn is through doing.

Why can’t creative writers meet differently? Why must we go to conferences like lawyers or real estate specialists?

And the idea of Plot Duckies was born. Writer events that bring us back to play in order to be more creative, but also help us learn about the writing process.