Central America: Women Traveling Together in Panama, Boquete

Me, taking a break at the hostel

FYI: This is day 17 of Rebecca and I traveling (two women traveling together through Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru).

I was a little nervous because we didn’t make any reservations for our hostel. We’re winging it again!

Be in the Know: When your driver asks where you have a reservation, just give them a name of hostel/hotel. If they find out you don’t have a reservation, they might try to steer you somewhere else. Some drivers get a commission to bring people to a specific hotel or hostel which may or may not work for you.

Rebecca researched a hostel from the internet before we arrived, so that’s where we asked to be let off. As luck would have it, Hostel Mamallena had two beds available. One of the things I like about this hostel is all the locations for relaxing.  Lots of chairs in corners, nooks, and balconies.

French food in Boquete is a win!

Rebecca, waiting for me this time

So, we may be sleeping cheaply in hostels, but I love eating out, so we went to a French restaurant, Art Cafe, listed in the Panama guide. We started with fried Camembert with cranberries. Super yum! Then beef with blue cheese sauce and we had dessert.  The creme brulee had separated so it wasn’t perfect, but overall a good meal.

Birds abound at dawn and dusk

The thing I find strange here in Central America is the crazy birds. At 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM it starts with just a few birds singing, then, little by little, more birds start in. Soon it’s this cacophony of birds that’s so loud you wonder if you’re in a Hitchcock movie. Completely strange.

Such a beautiful face painted on the side of a house.

Tomorrow we’ll be walking around Boquete, taking a coffee plantation tour, and checking out some gardens!

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