Central America: Costa Rica, Monteverde – Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica!

View of the hills from Monteverde

I was thinking about doing the bungee plunge, and I decided it had to be a good thing. Why? In the last twenty years, nothing I’ve done has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and that includes skiing, dating (we all know how harrowing dating can be!), and running a huge project with hundreds of volunteers.  But the thought of plunging over 300 feet sent a thrill down my spine and actually made me nervous. A new experience for me.  Of course, it helps that my best friend, Rebecca, is insisting we do it.

But first, I have to mention the morning. Four young Canadian women are also staying at Cabinas Eddy. This morning they wanted to talk to Freddy, the owner. I think to organize a trip for them. His sister, who only speaks Spanish, was trying to tell them he would return in an hour. They were so rude to her and didn’t even try to figure out what she was telling them. And me, the person who knows very little Spanish finally stepped in to translate. So, my takeaway is if you are going to another country, at least try to learn the language. Plus, even if you try to figure things out, there’s usually a way, so stop being a snot. I’d say Rebecca and my attempts at Spanish have certainly started to help. 

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica

The bungee was so worth it!  We did this at the Extremo. They took us out on a special tram to the middle of a canyon, with a great view! What was nice about both the zip lining yesterday and today’s bungee, the price includes the cost of picking us up and dropping us off at the hostel. Very convenient. The video was an extra cost, but considering we’ll probably only do this once in our life, it was worth it. My Bungee jumping in Costa Rica video is below. 

Afterwards, Rebecca admitted to me that she was very nervous. I went first and since I immediately jumped as soon as I was given the go-ahead she couldn’t dare hesitate. The truth is, I was so nervous I knew that if I didn’t go right away that they’d have to pry me off the platform. I’m so glad I did it!

There’s a little bird in the middle of
the picture, trying to sleep.

In the evening we went on a night hike.I missed out getting a great picture of a tarantula, but then I haven’t had much experience with my camera at night. We also saw three sloths, and a few birds trying to sleep; including a toucan.

Be in the Know: Keep your camera equipment dry! I purchased some Loksak plastic bags from REI to make certain my gear stayed safe. I had one for my camera, one for my mini laptop, and another for my cell phone. So far they’ve worked great at keeping everything safely dry.

The hostel owner’s kid was so enraptured by
what he was watching.

Tomorrow we’re on our way to La Fortuna.

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