Build Your Email List the Right Way

Everyone hears that you should build your email list, but let’s touch on the wrong way to do it.

Twice this month I’ve received newsletter blasts from people that I simply responded to a personal email from them about something unrelated to their business, then suddenly I’m on their subscriber list.

FYI: This is not how you get people on your email subscriber list. If someone hasn’t given you permission to add you to their email list, then don’t add them without that permission.

Besides, why would you add someone without asking them first? The purpose of an email list is to connect with your audience. If I’m not your target audience, you’re wasting my time and yours.

The right way –

  1. If you have an email from someone and you feel that they are part of your target audience, ask them if you can add them to your email subscriber list and tell them what to expect in the emails. Then, if they say yes, add them on.
  2. If you do events, make sure to bring a sign-up list and have it on your table (or better yet, have a laptop or tablet and ask them to put it in themselves because trying to read everyone’s handwriting can be a pain.)
  3. Definitely, have an option on your website for people to sign up and make sure you let them know why they should sign up. Our emails and time are precious – so give them a good reason to give it to you.

And, what if you, like me, get on someone’s subscriber list without being asked? Mark that email as SPAM. If a bunch of people mark the same email as SPAM then programs like gmail will start putting ALL emails from that person into SPAM and no one will have to deal with wasting their time, except the business sending out emails without your ok.

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