pivotal moments in life

Those pivotal moments in life that can change you forever and how someone in authority can make or break your future – A friend and I were talking about them and it always makes me think of my 7th-grade teacher. … Read More

Updates on Publishing

I recently received the rights back to my novel from my publisher, so I’m going through all the steps of self-publishing. In the video, I talk about what I’m up to with the steps and that I’m going to create … Read More

Unique Gifts for Mom

I know so many great products that I had to share a quick list of nine gifts for mom. Most (7) can be ordered from the comfort of home, two are local to Albuquerque. Also, consider nabbing something for yourself … Read More

Why I Left My Publisher

In the beginning, there was me and my novel. a jaunty adventure in the Amazon. I had dreams of being published and dreams of acquiring an agent. I knew the storyline had merit – in fact, I practiced my “pitch” … Read More