Montezuma, Costa Rica

It was hard getting up at 4:45 AM, especially when we have to be as quiet as possible with a room full of fellow hostel sleepers. So we quietly gathered our things and packed them downstairs.

Around the corner from the hostel, we negotiated with a taxi for a trip to the San Carlos Bus Terminal (near the Coca-Cola plant). At the terminal, masses of people were waiting for buses, and not a lot of information to be found. When the first bus arrived, it was difficult to find someone who spoke English who could tell us which bus to catch.

View from the ferry

View from the ferry

As luck would have it, we found the right bus. It took us to the town of Puntarenas where we caught a ferry. On the ferry, we took a seat in the sun, which turned out to be not the greatest idea as it got pretty hot. However, our pasty skin needed some sun and the ride was beautiful!

On the other side we hopped back on our bus, then we arrived at a stop where the driver said, “Blah, blah, blah, Montezuma.”  The “blah” is our attempt at listening to Spanish but not quite understanding it yet.

This is where we got off to grab a different bus. The doors to the bins under the next bus were broken so we got onto the hot, steamy bus with our bags.  (We’re carrying two bags each – a full-size hiking backpack on our backs, and a smaller day pack hooked around the front. Not the coolest way to travel, but it works.)

Rebecca mentioned what I was thinking today. That now we are out of the city it finally feels like we are in another country.

Montezuma at last!

When we reached Montezuma it had been a long, hot day so we walked up to the first hostel we found and paid for 2 bunks. I think from now on we’ll be more picky. This place is a bit of a dump, El Parque Hostel. However, it is right on the beach and out the back door there’s a ton of shade and hammocks and we’re just

Montezuma in a hammock

Montezuma in a hammock

happy to have a place to sleep for now.

Be in the Know: My suggestion, if you don’t know where you are staying for the night – find a nice quiet spot to drop your gear and leave a friend while you wander around looking for a good place for the night.

Waterfall Hike is a Win

We took a little time to relax and tested out the hammocks. Turns out they work great!

We had just come up that "trail". Good thing there's a rope

We had just come up that “trail”. Good thing there’s a rope

But we didn’t come to Costa Rica just to just lay in hammocks, so we changed and took off for the local hike up to a waterfall. It was awesome! It’s a steep trail that leads up and around to a series of pools. We went all the way to the continued up to the top most pools. After the hot hike up, a long swim in the cool water was perfect.

Hostel, Not a Win

Back at the hostel, there was no water for showers, yep, it’s a dump. We cleaned up as best we could and headed to a restaurant suggested by the guide book, Playa le Artiste. A bit of a splurge but I’m a sucker for a good meal.

For dinner, we had shrimp fried in a sweet coating on avocado mouse, ceviche with a touch of vodka, two cold beers, wonderful crusty bread, and a dessert with cream and fruit. Yum!

What an amazing day.

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