Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

Do you know how life doesn’t always work out the way we plan? Well, that’s my life to a T. My whole life has been a series of adventures and misadventures.

Like the time I took my great grandfather’s tuba to Antiques Roadshow – I spent the whole day talking with everyone about it as I made my way through lines (because when you’re carrying a tuba, everyone wants to talk about it). Then got to the table of experts to find out they knew nothing about the rare tuba.

I’ve also had a lot of ups and downs. At one time I was deep in debt. I worked my way out of it then finally quit my job and headed off to South and Central America for seven weeks. I couldn’t have finished off my debt without my family and friends who kept me going through peanut butter sandwiches and rental movies!

The culmination of that trip ended in my editing and publishing my first novel, Toy of the Gods. Honestly, you should start reading it soon because more books are on the way and you’ll want to be ready for Gamble of the Gods.

Now, I work as a social media manager, I play roller derby with Duke City Roller Derby as Author of Pain, and I continue working on the next stories in my head!