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I’ve always loved writing. I wrote a novel when I was only thirteen. It was terrible! Luckily, I’ve had a lot of time to get better.

A Training Background

I created leadership, search and rescue, and other training for the Civil Air Patrol when I was in my late teens; then went on to command a Pennsylvania Wing Cadet Leadership School for a couple of years. So at some point, teaching and educational development became an important part of my makeup.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from UNM in Organizational Communications with a minor in Professional Writing. Throughout my career I’ve worked with several industries, including: Healthcare, insurance, education, and many others.

A New Chapter in My Life

“You should stop taking initiative. I’d rather you just sit in your office and answer the phone,” my boss said to me one day. Not one to be comfortable with the status quo, I quit my job, took a seven week trip to Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru (and learned to surf), then came back and focused on being my own boss by working for a variety of clients. I’ve never had a boring day since. I also kept a blog of my travel and hiking experiences at Wilderness Women.

Creative Progress

Creatively, I’ve won an award for my flash fiction from The Weekly Alibi. My novel, Toy of the Gods, was recently published – you can find it on Amazon. The story pitch goes like this: Leslie Kicklighter and a group of tourists are stranded in the middle of the Amazon by a recently awakened Inca god. They have to make their way back to civilization on foot and get away from bandits out to kill them, villagers who think they are out for their land, a banana plantation owner with a secret to keep, and drunken monkeys.

Enter Entrepreneurship

As a Writer and Instructional Designer, I was already working for myself, but since renting a space out of FatpipeABQ I’ve gotten very involved with the local entrepreneurship scene. I’ve cofounded a company called Dovetail Community Workshop, I’ve started a podcast interviewing startups and startup resources, and I’ve founded my own company called Plot Duckies that will focus on bringing creativity back to creative writer training.

I’m also a volunteer for Catalyst Week where I help train companies on goals, goal setting, and the business model canvas.

If you're ready to add me to your team, drop me a line.

Presentation About Being a Writer

In 2015 I presented at One Million Cups in Albuquerque. It’s about me as a freelancer and what I do. My presentation starts at 3:16.

Towards the end the video starts skipping (during the Q&A), so don’t think that it’s a computer issue. I think the videographer was having hardware problems.

I also write for various publications, a couple of my latest are below:

I wrote about a David Bowie Tribute in 2016. Article in New Mexico Entertainment Magazine.

Micaela Brown has brought an magical winter Ball to Albuquerque. Article in New Mexico Entertainment Magazine.

Albuquerque Roller Derby

I’m very serious about staying in shape and found roller derby. In 2015 we were on Morning Brew with Friends and my hair looked terrible!