Technical Writing

I create user manuals, guides, specs, proposals and grant applications for everything from computer programs to high-tech equipment.

Custom Training Development

I teach a myriad of courses, I’m also an Instructional Designer (meaning, I create training materials and training courses), and I loath lectures of any kind. Training needs to engage and bring experience to the learner.

Creative Writing

I’m a creative writer and completely support the insanity of other creative writers. My new company will bring back creativity and fun to creative writing! You can check out Plot Duckies for more info.

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ABOUT ME (Sonja) I’m an award-winning creative writer, published author (Toy of the Gods), article writer, an accomplished grant writer, plus I use my writing skills for the powers of good. I don’t just write documents, I make them better.

As an Entrepreneur, I’ve started my new business, Plot Duckies,  events and support for creative writers. In my spare time, I enjoy playing roller derby with Albuquerque Roller Derby, hiking with my best friend, and soaking up the New Mexico sunshine. If you want to know more, you can check out my About Page.

My Upcoming Presentations and/or Classes


Excel: Beginning. 1/22/2018. No matter what kind of work you do, you probably need to know Excel. This is an evening class at UNM Continuing Education. Learn the most effective methods to create, modify, format, and print Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Enter and edit data and apply basic formulas and functions to summarize data. Explore custom formatting features, such as fonts and conditional formatting. Create and format charts, insert and modify graphics and set print options. Prerequisite: Windows: Beginning or equivalent experience.

Web Analytics with Google. 2/12/2018.  How do you know your website is doing what you want it to do? That’s where Google Analytics comes in. This is an evening class at UNM Continuing Education.

Google Analytics is the most popular tool available for measuring traffic on your website. Learn about web analytics and how to use Google Analytics to get a quantitative understanding of how well your website is meeting your business needs. Evaluate the effectiveness of your search engine optimization and social media strategies; spot “pain points” that keep a visitor from converting to a customer; and develop a continuous quality improvement process for your site. We’ll look at the reports Google Analytics generates, how to interpret them, how to set and review Performance Benchmarks, and how to use visitor data to drive improvements to your website.

Access: Beginning. 2/26/2018. If you have a ton of data, and you want something beyond an Excel table, then maybe you need to create an Access Database. This is an evening class at UNM Continuing Education.

Understand the basic concepts of database use and how to most effectively design your database using Microsoft Access. Design basic tables and add, edit, locate, sort, filter and delete data. Set field properties, work with input masks and set validation rules. Learn to design and apply queries and reports to make it easier to accomplish everyday database tasks. In addition, get an introduction to basic forms. Prerequisite: Windows: Beginning or equivalent experience.


One Million Cups. Every Wednesday.

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