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Toy of the Gods

Toy of the Gods


Toy Of The Gods is a novel of one woman’s heroism, and how a group of strangers band together and attempt to survive an impossible journey with plenty of action, sex, thrills, and fun.

Toy of the Gods is available in paperback and on Kindle. Buy it on Amazon. Thriller/Suspense/Adventure.

“Indiana Jones-style adventure in the Amazon” – Jim Tritten

Ire of the Gods: The Disappearance of Benedict C. Spafford

Ire of the Gods – Cover by Leslie Reilly

This short story is a prequel to Toy of the Gods.

Benedict Cecil Spafford is the most famous of British explorers. He’s survived wars, snobby British society, and several excursions into the Amazon, but can he survive his brush with a god?

Ire of the Gods is available on Kindle. Buy it on Amazon. Thriller/Suspense/Adventure.

“A Quick and Memorable Read”  – Kathryn Hammel


Menagerie – Cover by Leslie Reilly

All Lisa wants to do is get home to Albuquerque but finds herself searching for her new dog, Brutus. She’ll find more than that as she searches the Walmart in Roswell, NM.

This short story was written for an NYC flash fiction contest and netted me my highest score yet. It was fun to write a story that had to have humor, a parrot and based in a Supercenter.

Menagerie is available on Kindle. Buy it on Amazon. Quirky/fun/adventure.

“Fun and Laughter” – Peter

Of Parrots and Men

Of Parrots and Men – Cover by Leslie Reilly



A continuation of Menagerie. Lisa has made it home to Albuquerque. 

Lisa just wants to have a perfectly normal book club meeting. However, her giant dog, Brutus, Steve the parrot, and the universe might have other plans.


“Hilarious” – W. Flack

The 5 Minute Author: How to Write a Novel

Want to write a novel, but don’t know how to start? Then it’s time to get The 5-Minute Author: How to Write a Novel.

The truth is that writing and creativity are within everyone’s reach and this book is your plan to get there. This book is full of tips including how to develop characters, how to create conversation, and especially how to get started.

All you need is a chapter a day for your daily inspiration, then write for 10-25 minutes. It’s time to write that novel because your story is worth writing.

 Currently available for Kindle. Paperback and audiobook versions coming soon.

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13 hours ago

Sonja Dewing, Author

Here's a link to the podcast. 🙂

anchor.fm/505-success/episodes/Interview-with-Sonja-Dewing---Episode-9-e2numgNew podcast out today featuring Sonja Dewing founder of Plot Duckies. Sonja is also the lead organizer for 1 Million Cups in Albuquerque.

This interview was a lot of fun. Particularly enjoyed how she started Plot Duckies and why she thinks it is important for entreprenuers to find a community.

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Snowshoeing yesterday in the Sandias and I can never get enough of the New Mexico blue sky. 🙂 ...

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5 days ago

Sonja Dewing, Author

I was honored to be on the first episode of The ABQ Show! I shared info about publishing, writing, entrepreneurship, and roller derby. 🙂 ...

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Nothing like going through the steps to publish a book on my own. 🙄

I'm trying to get a print version ready on Amazon, only to find the book has to be 100 pages. Currently, the 5-Minute Author is 98 pages (And you can only find that info on a public forum when you go and search for why your page keeps saying there's an error, but it won't tell you what the error is).

Now, I'm going to come up with a new chapter. Good thing I was already thinking about that.

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