Technical Writing

I create user manuals, guides, specs, proposals and grant applications for everything from computer programs to high-tech equipment.

Custom Training Development

I teach a myriad of courses, I’m also an Instructional Designer (meaning, I create training materials and training courses), and I loath lectures of any kind. Training needs to engage and bring experience to the learner.

Creative Writing

I’m a creative writer and completely support the insanity of other creative writers. My new company will bring back creativity and fun to creative writing! You can check out Plot Duckies for more info.

If you're ready to add me to your team, drop me a line.

ABOUT ME (Sonja) I’m an award-winning creative writer, published article writer, and accomplished grant writer, plus I use my writing skills for the powers of good. I don’t just write documents, I make them better.

As an Entrepreneur, I’ve started my new business, Plot Duckies,  creativity events for creative writers. In my spare time, I enjoy playing roller derby with Albuquerque Roller Derby, hiking with my best friend, and soaking up the New Mexico sunshine. If you want to know more, you can check out my About Page.

My Upcoming Presentations and/or Classes


Web Analytics with Google. Oct 9 & 11. 6-8:30 PM. $125

Evening class at UNM Continuing Education. Google Analytics is the most popular tool available for measuring traffic on your website. Learn about web analytics and how to use Google Analytics to get a quantitative understanding of how well your website is meeting your business needs. Evaluate the effectiveness of your search engine optimization and social media strategies; spot “pain points” that keep a visitor from converting to a customer; and develop a continuous quality improvement process for your site. We’ll look at the reports Google Analytics generates, how to interpret them, how to set and review Performance Benchmarks, and how to use visitor data to drive improvements to your website.


WiD: NM October Lunch Series: Knowing Your Worth. October 12, 2017. $15 for WiD:NM Members, $20 for non-members. Space is limited, please request your spot by emailing no later than Monday, October 9.

Are you planning to start your own business? Want to know how to price your services or goods? I’ll share practical ways to price what you do (from both a service and product perspective):

  •  How to handle the “but I could give you exposure” 
  • How to package pricing in a different way
  • How to feel confident in your pricing


50 Communication Hacks. WriterGals. November 3, 2017. $59.

A fast-paced, educational business communication forum featuring insider tips, tricks and unique approaches for successful branding, promotion, marketing, social media and more. The agenda for the half-day forum is designed specifically for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporate marketers.


Write-Learn-Play Two Day Writer Event. by Plot Duckies. January 6 & 7. $89 each day or $140 for both.

Day 1 is all about creativity and getting back to writing – get rid of writer’s block. Day 2 is all about hearing author’s stories about getting published, publishing, and marketing.



If you’re ready to add a professional writer to your team, drop me a line.